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Pegboy @ Fox Theatre, Boulder CO, 1995-03-27


Here is another MarcR recording from 1995.  This time Pegboy from Chicago touring behind their album Earwig.  They play some songs that end up on Cha Cha Damore too.  

I missed the boat on Pegboy and despite liking this style of punk rock I guess my limited music budget was going elsewhere in 1995.  This tape was my first time hearing these songs.  Have since gone back and listened to the studio stuff too and I like it.  Looks like they are doing some touring this summer and hitting Denver.  I'm going to try and catch that one for sure.

Sound is pretty good.  Man does Larry complain about that altitude a lot.  
Being over a mile high in elevation is no joke for low landers.  

Stay safe, go do some good.


Fox Theatre
Boulder CO (USA)

Recorded: MarcR
Transferred and Presented: SxPxDxCx
Source: MarcR binaural mics > D7 > DAT
Transfer: DAT copy edited > D100 > Oade Digi I/O-A > DAC > AAE-9 > Audition > CDWave > FLAC
Time: (67:53.70)

01 Strong Reaction
02 Sideshow  
03 Not What I Want
04 Locomotivelung
05 Field Of Darkness
06 Dad (Didjits)
07 Sinner Inside
08 Gordo
09 Wages of Sin
10 Witnessed
11 Fade Away
12 Never a Question 
13 Walk On By (aborted)
14 Walk On By
15 Superstar
16 Through My Fingers
17 - encore - 
18 That's When I Reach for My Revolver (Mission of Burma)
19 My Youth
20 Hardlight

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