Sunday, May 12, 2013

Peeping Tom @ The Gothic 2007-04-18

Mike Patton fans talked in hushed tones about the forthcoming Peeping Tom project for years and years before it ever saw the light of day.  Supposed demos were leaked and it never was quite clear what direction the project was going to take.  Lovage is a better example of were it ended up than Fantomas.

Trip hop?  Modern R&B, Freestyle rap, beat boxing.  It's all in there.  If your fan of any of that or a Mike Patton fan in general this is worth checking out.

Peeping Tom

Gothic Theater
Englewood, CO 2007-04-18

Taped and Transferred by SxPxDxCx
Source: MBHO KA-200N > JK Labs DVC-V12 > JB3
Transfer: JB3 > USB > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC
Time: 82:2054

01 It's a Desperate Situation
02 Mojo
03 Five Seconds
04 Don’t Even Trip
05 - Butterscotch beatbox solo -
06 Getaway
07 Caipirinha
08 Show You Care #
09 Kill The DJ
10 - interlude -
11 Dub Trio jam
12 - hippies -
13 Your Neighborhood Spaceman
14 How U Feelin?
15 We’re Not Alone
16 - how do you have fun -
17 Sucker
18 - encore -
19 Mothra *
20 - interlude -
21 Remember (Walking in the Sand) (The Shangri-Las)

# Unsure this is the correct title
*unsure if this is the title.  It just what Mike says right before the start

Peeping Tom on this night included;
Mike Patton
Imani Coppola
Dan the Automator
The Dub Trio;
 Stu Brooks
 DP Holmes
 Joe Tomino

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Slayer live @ The Ogden, Denver CO 1998-06-04

 In honor of Jeff Hanneman of SLAYER passing away recently I thought I would post some live stuff on here.  First up is SLAYER live at the Ogden Theater back in 1998.  I won six comp tickets from some online contest.  I remember they showed up at my house via FEDEX.  I gave 4 of them away to friends and then the other 2 to some random kids out front.

This was right after SLAYER had released Diabolus in Musica.  What some people branded their sell out nu metal album based on one track Stain Of Mind.  I guess it had a bit of different sound for SLAYER but the rest of the album is heavy as hell.  Scrum, Bitter Peace, Screaming From The Sky.  Great stuff I think.

Maybe because the album was so new they only played one song from it.  Rest of the setlist is super solid.

System of a Down and Clutch opened up the show.

The first track suffers a bit from the taper adjusting the levels a bit but hang in there it gets better.


Ogden Theater
Denver, CO

Time (76:55.30)

01 Hell Awaits
02 Spirit In Black
03 War Ensemble
04 Deaths Head
05 South Of Heaven
06 Dittohead
07 Captor Of Sin
08 Die By The Sword
09 Black magic
10 Stain Of Mind
11 Reign In Blood
12 Altar of Sacrifice
13 Jesus Saves
14 Dead Skin Mask
15 Sex, Murder, Art
16 Chemical Warfare
17 - encore -
18 Mandatory Suicide
19 Angel Of Death

Here is a little added bonus show.  I've never heard a recording from a Denver stop of the Reign In Blood tour but this little gem from Salt Lake City will  have to do.  A little unsure about that date.  This is a nice sounding recording from the soundboard.  The band is on fire too.  They're so fucking fast.

Salt Lake City,UT

Time: (33:10.59)

01 Raining Blood
02 Reborn
03 Die By The Sword
04 Necrophiliac
05 Postmortem
06 Criminally Insane
07 At Dawn They Sleep
08 Angel Of Death
09 Epidemic
10 Jesus Saves