Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mr Bungle @ Fillmore, Denver CO, 2000-01-29

Having seen Mr Bungle a couple of times headlining during the 90s it was kind of weird to see them on a package tour like this.  With System Of A Down, Incubus, and Puya.

While the bands on the bill might have been fans most of the SOAD and Incubus radio rock fans decidedly were not.  At this Denver shown people chanted for SOAD.  Threw coins at the band while they were playing.  Generally were not into it.

Mr. Bungle had to have figured that this was going to happen.  They all dressed in costumes.  I tried to find some pictures but didn't really come up with anything good.  I recall one was dress as a dutch girl.  I think one of them was dressed like general Custer.  At one point I think it was Trevor Dunn asks the crowd if there is anyone that would let him eat their ass for a back stage pass.

Short set but a nice mix of songs from all across their catalog.  Enjoy.

Mr. Bungle

SnoCore Tour 2000
Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO (USA)

Recorded and Mastered By: SxPxDxCx
Source: Coresound CSB's > Sharp 722 minidisc
Transfer: MD-722 (Analog) > SBLive > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC
Time: (43:12.72)

01 Sweet Charity
02 Drug Me (Dead Kennedys)
03 Ars Moriendi
04 Goodbye Sober Day
05 Pink Cigarette
06 Travolta - That Thing (Lauren Hill)
07 My Ass Is On Fire
08 I Feel For You (Jerry Reed)
09 Merry Go Bye Bye - Raping Your Mind


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sourvein @ Three Kings Tavern, Denver CO 2016-06-05

These guys don't tour very much so it was amazing to have them come to Denver to close out the two day Denver Electric Funeral fest last year.

Sourvein have been making music since 1993.  Nice to see them still at it and making new music.  Their new album Aquatic Occult was one of my favorite things to come out last year.  So good.  Totally worth your time and money.  

Looking forward to Denver Electric Funeral 2 in 2017.



Denver Electric Funeral
Three Kings Tavern
Denver CO (USA)

Recorded and Mastered By: SxPxDxCx
Source : MBHO KA-500N > JKLabs box > M10
Transfer: M10 > USB > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC
Time: (57:47.48)

01 - intro -
02 Fangs
03 Flux
04 Gemini
05 Aquanaut
06 Imperial Bastard
07 Seamerchant
08 Witch Rides Out
09 unknown
10 Blackzorlac
11 Dirty South
12 Ocypuss