Monday, May 27, 2019

Slobberbone @ Duffy's Tavern, Lincoln NE, 2005-03-06

Thought I had lost this show forever due to a hard drive crash years ago.  Lost a bunch of recordings from 2005.  Found another big live Slobberbone collector online.  And when I contacted him initially he didn't have this show.  Fast forward a few months and he messaged me saying he had just received it in a trade and sent it too me.  Glad to have it back so I figured I would post it up.

This was billed as Slobberbone's last tour.  Band was calling it quits.  No Denver date so I drove to Nebraska to catch them one more time.  Was not disappointed it was a fantastic show.  Only bummer was Two Cow Garage were supposed to open up and couldn't make it.  Would have been my first time seeing them,    Plus side we got a nice long Slobberbone set.

This was recorded with the mic placed on top of a hanging pool table light.  I think it sounds pretty nice and the crowd isn't too chatty.  Enjoy.


Duffy's Tavern
Lincoln, NE (USA)

Recorded by: SxPxDxCx
Source: AT933 >SP-SPSB-1 > JB3
Transfer: JB3 > USB > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC
Time: (02:01:14)

01 - introduction -
02 Placemat Blues
03 That Is All
04 - last road show -
05 Bright Eyes Darkened
06 Find the Out
07 - Dark intro -
08 Dark As A Dungeon
09 - requests -
10 Engine Joe
11 Billy Pritchard
12 Some New Town
13 Dunk You In The River
14 - Dukes Of Hazzard -
15 Lazy Guy
16 - interlude -
17 Pinball Song
18 - interlude -
19 Lumberlung
20 Gimme Back My Dog
21 Front Porch
22 Evil Eye (Rolling Stones)
23 - interlude -
24 (I Can Tell) Your Love is Waning
25 Your Excuse
26 - Hell is For Children -
27 Springfield, IL
28 Barrel Chested
29 Cartoon (Soul Asylum)
30 I Can't Stay Sober (The Showoffs)
31 Shoot You Dead
32 I Can't Stay Sober (reprise)


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Monolord @ Hi Dive, Denver CO, 2019-05-02

Caught some of their set at Psycho Vegas last year.  Chose to go watch All Pigs Must Die instead.
Too many bands not enough time. 

Was excited to catch a headlining set in Denver a few weeks back.  I think their records are fantastic but Monolord excel as a live band.  This is the best way to experience bands like this.  Smallish room, stoked crowd, loud PA blaring. 

Love seeing metal at the Hi Dive too.  Great room for it.  I think it sounds really good in there.
As a result this turned out really nice.  Enjoy


Hi Dive
Denver CO (USA)

Recorded By: SxPxDxCx
Source : MBHO KA-200N > Niaant IPAs > M10
Transfer: M10 > USB > Adobe Audition > CDWave > FLAC
Time: (65:24.64)

01 - intro -
02 Where Death Meets the Sea
03 Lord of Suffering
04 Audhumbla
05 Dear Lucifer
06 The Bastard Son
07 Rust
08 Empress Rising