Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Hellacopters @ The Ogden Theater, Denver CO, 2002-04-08

Getting excited to see The Hellacopters at the Psycho Las Vegas fest this weekend.  Been a long time and I didn't think that I would ever get another chance. 

I recall that they came to Denver in 2006 with Nebula but for some reason that I can't remember I missed that show.  So this show at the Ogden Theater back in 2002 is the last time I saw the band.

The Ogden is a big barn so this is what it is.  Enjoy.

The Hellacopters     

Ogden Theater
Denver  CO (USA)

Recorded and Mastered: SxPxDxCx
Source: Coresound CSB's > Sharp 722 minidisc
Transfer: Sony MDS-JE330 (Analog) > SBLive > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC

01 (Gotta Get Some Action) Now! 
02 Hey!
03 Baby Borderline
04 The Devil Stole The Beat From The Lord
05 Born Broke
06 Toys And Flavours
07 Crimson Ballroom
08 Move Right Out Of Here
09 I Wanna Touch
10 Psyched Out And Furious
11 Random Riot
12 Thanks For Nothing
13 Sometimes I Don't Know
14 Soulseller
15 - encore -
16 Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial
17 You Are Nothin'
18 Search And Destroy (Stooges)