Sunday, May 17, 2015

Deke Dickerson - Guitar Geek Show @ Viva Las Vegas, Las Vegas 2014-04-04

I'm a rockabilly tourist for sure.  I like the music but I'm not really familiar with the current rockabilly scene.
But it's all basically Rock N Roll so I can hang.  But it was telling that I was most excited to see The Sonics at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly fest this year.  The other thing I was stoked on was checking out Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek show.

Deke lined the stage with all kinds of cool guitars and always brings out a bunch of hot pickers.  This year was no exception.  

Unfortunately this is an incomplete recording of the event.  While at the fest a friend turned me onto Bloodshot Bill and we bounced early from this show right after Bill played to make sure we got into the small venue he was playing at later in the night.  So as an added bonus to the most of the Guitar Geek show I tacked on Bloodshot Bill's short set at Brendan's Pub a little bit later.

Really happy with how this turned out and I hope you enjoy the tunes.

Deke Dickerson Presents:

Viva Las Vegas 2015
Guitar Geek Show! (incomplete) 

The Orleans Hotel Showroom
Las Vegas NV (USA)

Recorded and Mastered by: SxPxDxCx
Source: AT933 >SP-SPSB-1 > M10
Transfer: M10 > USB > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC & MP3
Run time: (84:56.37)

The Witch
01 - The Witch intro -
02 Stuck In The Holster
03 Moonshine Tsunami

The Octanes
04 - The Octanes intro -
05 Spread It Around (Deke Dickerson)
06 unknown title
07 - Deke chats about guitars -

Chris Casello Trio
08 - Chris Casello intro -
09 Mr. Sandman
10 unknown title
11 unknown title

Ramon Espinoza
12 - Ramon Espinoza intro -
13 For Better Or Worse
14 Open For The Night

Scotty Broyles
15 - Scotty Broyles intro -
16 unknown title
17 Tennessee Border (Hank Williams)
18 Champaign Polka
19 - Scotty Broyles outro -

Mitch Polzak
20 - Mitch Polzak intro -
21 unknown title
22 - Mitch speaks - 
23 unknown title

Bloodshot Bill
24 - Bloodshot Bill intro -
25 unknown title
26 Wipeout
27 unknown title

Bloodshot Bill at Brendon's Pub in the Orleans Hotel
28 Puppydog Love
29 unknown title
30 Tidal Wave 
31 Wine Wine Wine


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sleep @ The Ogden, Denver CO 2015-04-20

Sleep rolled into Denver a couple of weeks back and played a great long and loud set.

They didn't play until after midnight so that they could play in two different cities on 4/20.
The played Seattle latter on that Monday.

Nice mix of the "hits" and the relatively new song The Clarity.

Fun smokey show.  Enjoy


Ogden Theater
Denver CO (USA)

Recorded by: SxPxDxCx
Mastered by: Dan Utter
Source: AT933 >SP-SPSB-1 > M10
Transfer: M10 > USB > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC
Run time: (104:34.44)

01 Dopesmoker
02 The Clarity
03 Dragonaut
04 Aquarian
05 Sonic Titan
06 Nain's Baptism
07 Holy Mountain
08 From Beyond
09 Cultivator