Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mr. Bungle @ the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO 1999-10-22

What a great show this was.  An evening with Mr. Bungle on the tour for their California album.  No opening act and two sets from Mike Patton and gang. Rowdy crowd this night and lots of inbetween song ambiance.

Mr. Bungle

Fox Theater
Boulder, CO
October 22nd 1999

* Mike Patton - vocals, keyboards, samples
* Trey Spruance - guitar, keyboards
* Trevor Dunn - bass
* Danny Heifetz - drums
* Clinton "Bär" McKinnon - reeds

Source: Coresound CSB's > Sharp 722 minidisc
Transfer: MD-MZ-R700 (Analog) > SBLive > Cooledit > CDWave > CDR > FLAC

Disk 1
01. The Thing Strikes
02. Sweet Charity
03. Ars Moriendi
04. ? unknown ?
05. - poet invite -
06. Goodbye Sober Day
07. Begin The Beguine (Cole Porter)
08. Drug Me (Dead Kenedys)
09. Vanity Fair
10. Desert Search For Techno Allah
11. 24000 Baci

Disk 2

01. - The Columbine Poet -
02. Air Conditioned Nightmare
03. Travolta
04. Mukerjee - That Thing (Lauryn Hill)
05. My Ass Is On Fire
06. None Of Them Knew They Where Robots
07. I Feel For You (Jerry Reed)
08. Violenza Domestica
09. Merry Go Bye Bye - Rapping Your Mind
10. - Mike Speaks -
11. Tower Of Strength (Burt Bacharach)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jerry Cantrell @ The Starlight, Ft Collins, CO 2001-07-05

Here is an oldie but a goodie. This is a fresh transfer from my original master.  I've learned a lot in the 10 years since I recorded this and thought that it deserved a 2nd look and remaster.

Joined at this show is the man that would eventually become a member or the now reformed Alice In Chains. Mr. William DuVall. Also in the band this night was the amazing Robert Trujillo. The Starlight wasn't a big place so it was a treat to see this band rock through a killer set of songs.  RIP Starlight.  I miss you.


Jerry Cantrell

The Starlight
Ft Collins CO

Source: Coresound CSB's > Sharp 722 minidisc
Transfer: MD-MZ-R700 (Analog) > SBLive > Cooledit > CDWave > CDR > FLAC

01. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes (beg. cut)
02. Castaway
03. What The Hell Have I
04. Cut You In
05. It Ain't Like That
06. - band intro -
07. Hellbound
08. Got Me Wrong
09. Brother
10. Angry Chair
11. Man In A Box
12. Down In A Hole

13. Would?
14. Them Bones
15. Rooster

Jerry Cantrell - guitars / vocals
William DuVall - vocals
Bevan Davies - drums
Robert Trujillo  - bass
Brian Kehoe - guitar


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Clutch @ Sounds Of The Underground, Denver, CO 2005-07-31

Clutch pulls off something most bands just can't.  Being consistantly great.  They have altered their sound a little over the years but not for the sake of trends or trying to rebrand themselves to get mainstream attention.  These guys just rock plain and simple.  They remain to this day one of my very favorite bands.

This set is from the now defunct Sounds Of The Underground tour.  The 2005 lineup had a lot of great acts but it was Clutch that got me to buy a ticket and go to the show.

Here is Clutch's set from the Denver stop of that tour.
Short and sweet.


Sounds Of The Underground Tour
Universal Lending Pavilion
Denver, Co 2005-07-31

Taped and Transferred by SxPxDxCx
Source: AT933 >SP-SPSB-1 > JB3
Transfer: JB3 > USB > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC

01. Gravel Road
02. 10001110101
03. Cypress Grove
04. Mice & Gods
05. Gullah
06. Rats
07. The House That Peterbilt
08. The Mob Goes Wild
09. Brazenhead #

#  with Per Wiberg of Opeth on keyboards


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Micah Schnabel @ 3 Kings, Denver, CO 2011-02-12

Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage fame brought his solo act to 3 Kings Tavern they other night.  Two Cow Garage is one of my very favorite bands and one of the reasons is what a great song writer Micah is.  Great performer too.  In the past when I have seen him he has always thrown in a cover song or two but not this time.  He gets by on the strength of his own material and melts faces.  Enjoy my recording.

Micah Schnabel

3 Kings Tavern
Denver, CO 2011-02-12

Taped and Transferred by SxPxDxCx
Source 1: MBHO KA-200N > JK Labs DVC-V12 > iHP-140
Source 2: SBD > iHP-140
Time: (52:07.70)

01. Cut Me, Mick (beg cut)
02. Swingset Assassin
03. - interlude -
04. Girl Named January #
05. God And Money
06. Jackson, Don't You Worry
07. Throwing Rocks At The Sun
08. No Shame
09. Folksinger's Heart
10. - Soundtrack intro -
11. Soundtrack to My Summer
12. Skinny Legged Girl
13. - interlude -
14. Duran Duran
15. Sally, I’ve been Shot
16. - interlude -
17. Your Humble Narrator
18. Bury The Maps

#  With Lizzie Huffman
Note:  There are a few instances where the soundboard feed drops out of the mix.  Mostly at the beginning of the show.  It's only mildly annoying and doesn't take away from your listening pleasure.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rob Coe (The Enablers), @ 3 Kings, Denver, CO 2010-09-10

Rob Coe is from the Florida band the Enablers.   I've had one of their CDs for years now and loved it.  I always wished for a chance to see them live but they never really toured and didn't seem to be very active.  So I was super happy to see that Rob was playing the 1st night of the Suburban Home 15th Anniversary shows.  Great originals and some choice covers.  Enjoy

Rob Coe

3 Kings Tavern
Denver, CO 2010-09-10

Taped and Transferred by SxPxDxCx
Source: MBHO KA-200N > JK Labs DVC-V12 > JB3
Transfer: JB3 > USB > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC
Time: (31:35.65)

01. All This and More (Dead Boys)
02. Dear Beer
03. Something Fierce
04. Farmers Tan
05. Ready, Set, Lie To Me
06. - interlude -
07. Don't Cha (Pussycat Dolls)
08. Easy Come Easy Go
09. Don't Bogart My Love Don't Snake My Weed
10. South of Florida
11. High and Outside
12. Sadie