Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Micah Schnabel (Two Cow Garage) Chad Price (Drag The River) Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River) , Hi Dive, Denver, CO 2009-11-29

They had 3 bar stools and three mic stands set up on stage and Micah, Jon, and Chad all took the stage together for a little folk singer in the round style action.  They took turns singing songs solo and singing with each other.  It was a really fun night and they all seemed to be in high spirits.  Jon  especially.

Unfortunately I had a little trouble with my recording.  Not sure if it was a loose/bad cable on stage or possibly a staticy pot or fader on the board.  The result being that some songs were just overcome with static and feedback and are lost forever.  I think this represents about 80% of the set so I was able to rescue a great portion of it.  Some of the tracks have a lite static in them, mostly at the beginning of the the track, but most of them sound great.  Anyway I hope you enjoy the tunes.  Myself I cant stop singing Spiderman Wolfman.

Micah Schnabel (Two Cow Garage)
Chad Price (Drag The River)
Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River)

Hi Dive
Denver, CO 11-29-2009

Taped and Transferred by James Freeman
Source: SBD > JB3
Transfer: JB3 > USB > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC > MP3
Time: 1:44.43

01. American Static ^ (partial)
02. Maroon $^*
03. This Cross*
04. Girl Named January ^
05. Jessica's Suicide $
06. Atlantic City (Springsteen)^*
07. - interlude -
08. This War* (first part)
09. Should've California ^
10. This War* (second part)
11. Strange $
12. Cursed *
13. Battleship Chains (Drivin'  n Cryin')$^
14. God and Money ^
15. Spiderman Wolfman $
16. - Big Rock In Little Rock story - $
17. Best and Worst *
18. Can't Hardly Wait (Replacements)^
19. Spiderman Wolfman (reprise)
20. Peachy Tuscadero *
21. Bury The Maps ^
22. Dungeons And Dragons $
23. Mexican Song $
24. Your Paralyzing Wings *
25. Camaro (aborted) ^
26. Swingset Assassin ^
27. - interlude -
28. Old Sad Songs (Lucero)$
29. Hairy Bodies $
30. Tobacco Fields *
31. Cathy's Clown  (The Everly Brothers)*
32. - they're all show stoppers! -
33. You shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC) ^ (partial)
34. Hybrid Moments (Misfits)$*^
35. Loving Touching Squeezing (Journey) *
36. Having A Party (Sam Cooke)*$^

^  Micah
*  Chad
$  Jon



  1. James, I blame it on Micah's "American Static". I am listening now and besides a little bit of noise, it sounds good.

  2. downloading it now on my sick day. super excited to relive this.

  3. I'm pretty sure Jon came up with the SPIDERMAN WOLFMAN thing in CT, we got him to play (as much as he could remember) of The Credible Hulk.. and after I remember him working something out about Spiderman and Wolfman. Awesome.

  4. Micah's cover of Atlantic City is amazing. Thanks for the download.