Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hank Williams Jr. Live and DRUNK!!!!!!

What we have here isn't one of my recordings.  This has been floating around trading circles and the internet for years and years.  Most likely recorded by a pissed off sound engineer.

It's part musical concert, part blackout drunken freakout.  This is Hank Williams Jr in what I've been told might be Kansas City in the late 90s.  He brings Kansas City Chief Derrick Thomas out to play on one of the songs so it has to be from before 2000 when Derrick died.

Anyway, Ol' Bocephus is in fine form on this night.  After a rousing rave up intro by his backing band he stumbles through the MNF theme and then on into Family Tradition where he is so drunk that I swear he is speaking some language other then English. 

Other highlights include when he speaks in 3rd person and channels Garth Brooks in a not very flattering light.  A fun drinking game might be to have a drink everytime he says "Kiss My Ass", "Up Your Ass" or any of the countless swear words that he uses.  But be warned he says it a lot.

The sound quality is not the best but it is more then worth a listen just for some laughs.

01 Intro
02 Monday Night Football Theme
03 Family Tradition
04 Young Country
05 There's A Tear In My Beer
06 I'm Going To Tell You Bastards Something
07 Kaw-Liga
08 A Country Boy Can Survive
09 Outro

 Download link here


  1. This is simultaneously amazing and horrifying. My sister told me about seeing him live in Indianapolis once, I think in the early-to-mid-90s, and the way she described it was pretty much exactly like this. Thank you for sharing!

  2. this was actually recorded back in 1992

  3. He was hammered at the California El Cahon Speedway concert back in early 90's. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton at the time. He came out & sang a few songs & you could tell he was trashed. Then he got into an argument with his drummer & stormed off the stage. Concert over! What a rip off! I'd would have liked to kick his drunk ass that night. Rick Nelson HMC(FMF)USN(RET)