Saturday, March 26, 2011

WM3 Benefit show, Rollins Band (W/Keith Morris), Denver, CO 2003-06-26, BLACK FLAG sets!!!!

This was a benefit show for the West Memphis Three.  If you don't know who they are and care about injustice check out their story.  This show was to raise money for new DNA testing.  It's going on almost 8 year now since this show and there has been a little progress but they are all still in jail.
Hopefully someday soon justice will be served.  These men can be cleared and the real perp can be identified

This is my recording of that night.  Again this is one that I pulled out of the vault and did a new transfer and remaster.  2 Black Flag sets from Keith and Henry with a couple of Ramones tunes thrown in at the end.  Check it out.

Rollins Band, With Keith Morris
West Memphis 3 Benefit show

Ogden Theater
Denver, CO

Taped and Transferred by SxPxDxCx
Source: Coresound CSB's > Sharp 722 minidisc
Transfer: MD-722 (Analog) > SBLive > Cooledit > CDWave > FLAC
Time: (71:46.22)

Keith Morris - set
01. * intro *
02. Nervous Breakdown
03. I've Had It
04. Depression
05. Wasted
06. * interlude *
07. No Values
08. Fix Me
09. Revenge
10. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

Henry Rollins - set
11. Rise Above
12. Thirsty and Miserable
13. Clocked In
14. I've Heard It Before
15. American Waste
16. * protest event *
17. Jealous Again
18. I Don't Care
19. TV Party
20. Can't Decide
21. Police Story
22. Six Pack
23. What I See
24. No More
25. Black Coffee
26. Slip It In
27. My War
28. * encore *
29. Damaged
30. * all you can say to me is Freebird? *
31. Modern Man
32. Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment (Ramones)
33. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Ramones)



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