Friday, July 15, 2011

Soundgarden @ the Mammoth Event Center, Denver, CO 1996-11-07

In anticipation of Soundgardens return to Colorado on Monday July 18th here is the last time they were in town.  Way back when the Fillmore was called Mammoth Events Center.  Rocket From The Crypt and Tenderloin opened the show.  I wasn't recording shows back then so hats off to whoever the taper was.  He did a pretty good job considering how awful the Mammoth sounded most of the time.  At one point in the show Ben Shepard chastises the audience and says "You probably don't even know who the Fluid is do you Denver?"  Sadly he was probably right.  Enjoy.


Mammoth Event Center

Disk 1
01 Spoonman
02 Searching With My Good Eye Closed
03 Let Me Drown
04 Pretty Noose
05 Burden in My Hand
06 My Wave
07 Ty Cobb
08 An Unkind
09 Improvision/Instrumental
10 Fell on Black Days
11 Helter Skelter
12 Boot Camp
13 Rusty Cage
14 Black Hole Sun
15 Outshined
16 Dusty
17 Blow Up The Outside World
18 Search & Destroy
19 Slaves & Bulldozers
20 Never the Machine Forever
21 Jesus Christ Pose


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