Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter - Megadeth live in Denver 1986

Remember when Megadeth was absolutely face ripping?  I know it's been a long time and a lot of shitty albums later but it's true.  They used to rip faces right off.  This is a good example of that former power.  Even though it was recorded before Peace Sells came out this features a bunch of those now classic tunes.

There seems to be some debate about the date and venue for this recording.  I've seen it listed both as January 29th 1986 and August 5th 1986.  The case for the January date hinges on the fact that Dave mentions the space shuttle challenger disaster, which happened on January 28th 1986, but I guess it's possible that he still could have been talking about that into August of 1986.

The August date makes sense because Megadeth was opening up for King Diamond on the Fatal Portrait tour and that hit Denver in August 1986.  Seems like kind of a long set for an opening act though.

The confusion continues with the venue.  I've seen it listed as McNichols Arena, Rainbow Music Hall, even Irving Plaza?.  I'm thinking that this is from the Rainbow Music Hall just based on the fact that there have been a lot of really nice recordings to surfaced from that place. Plus for the time that is where Megadeth would have played.  Would have been too late to have been at Norman's

I do know for a fact that it was recorded in Denver because Dave mention's Denver multiple times.

If anyone was at this show and can clear up the confusion I would love to hear from you.

This recording made it around in the tape trading circles and got pressed to vinyl way back in the day as well. I got my copy though CDr trading.  No idea on the real originator of this but hats off to who ever taped it.

Now download this and Rattle Your Goddman Head!!


Live in Denver 1986-01-29

01 Rattlehead
02 Wake Up Dead
03 Chosen One
04 Bad Omen
05 Devils Island
06 These Boots
07 Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!
08 Peace Sells
09 My Last Words
10 Looking Down The Cross
11 Good Mourning - Black Friday
12 Loved To Death
13 Mechanix



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  2. I was at the show. Rainbow Music Hall was the venue and it was just a few weeks before Peace Sells was released, so it would have to be the August date. The set list was probably lengthy for them because it was also for King Diamond's first solo album, so he didn't have the lengthiest set list yet. I remember it being a kick ass show and still one of my favorite Megadeth concerts.