Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Foo Fighters @ Mercury Cafe, Denver CO 1995-04-15

The year was 1995.  Kurt Cobain was dead and Pearl Jam mania was in full swing.  I was a fan of both of those bands and I believe that I had already heard some Foo Fighters music on one of Pearl Jam's Self Pollution radio broadcasts.  So when I heard they were coming to town I definitely wanted to go.

I didn't pick up a ticket though.  They were opening up for Mike Watt and were kind of under the radar.  The show was also the day I was getting back from talking my daughter to Disney Land out in California.  I was gonna play it by ear and see how I felt after driving all day.  I didn't think it would sell out.

Then while we were in California I saw on MTV news that word was out Eddie Veddar was playing in Watts band and his wife's band Hovercraft was opening up.   It sold out immediately after that.

I didn't even bother to try and go.  I of course heard glowing breathless reviews of how great it was.  So years latter I was super glad to get a copy of this recording.  I'm not sure who the taper was and I have no idea what gear was used.  It's also not the best recording ever.  A solid B+ though and totally listenable.

Thanks to Dan Utter for the mastering tweeks.  Enjoy

Foo Fighters

Mercury Cafe
Denver, CO (USA)

Recorded by: ?
Mastered by: Dan Utter
Source: ? > CDR > WAV > FLAC > MP3

01 Winnebago
02 This Is A Call
03 I'll Stick Around
04 Big Me
05 Wattershed
06 For All The Cows
07 Alone + Easy Target
08 Good Grief
09 Podunk
10 Exhausted

11 Hovercraft (With Eddie Veddar) #

# opening set from Eddie Veddar's wife's band

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