Thursday, June 14, 2018

Supersuckers @ Tanquerayz, Fort Collins CO, 1993-08-24

Here is another show from the Lantz archive.  This time the self proclaimed Greatest Rock N Roll Band in the World!!  The Supersuckers!!!

Way back in 93' at the long defunct Fort Collins club Tanquerayz (that used to be called the Library before that) The Supersuckers rolled through on tour for Smoke Of Hell.  Possibly on tour with Gas Huffer.

The set list is classic Supersuckers mostly off Smoke Of Hell and older stuff.  They do bust out their cover of Ice Cube's Dead Homiez and a rare song Second Cousin.  That only appeared officially as the bonus track on the Japaneses CD of La Mano Cornuda.  So that is kind of a treat even if it's not that great of a song.

Rowdy crowd so this one has plenty of atmosphere.  Pretty decent sound though.  Enjoy.


Fort Collins, CO (USA)

Recorded: Lantz Barbour
Transfered and Mastered: SxPxDxCx
Source: Realistic SCP-29 > cassette
Transfer: cassette > line-in > Adobe Audition > CDWave > FLAC
Run time: (55:18.52)

01 - waiting for Ron -
02 Caliente
03 Hot Rod Rally
04 Alone and Stinking
05 Luck
06 Poor
07 Tasty Greens
08 I Say Fuck
09 Drink And Complain
10 Coattail Rider (aborted)
11 Hell City, Hell
12 I Was Born Without A Spine
13 Junk
14 Dead Homiez (Ice Cube)
15 Ron's Got The Cocaine
16 - Rick's improve slam jam -
17 Alright
18 Saddletramp
19 Second Cousin
20 Girl I Know
21 Coattail Rider
22 Sex & Outrage
23 KCSU station IDs


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