Sunday, October 7, 2012

Drag The River, Live Archive Vol.1, Scattered, Country, and Covered

Like a lot of kids I had no time for my Mom’s music once I was a teenage.  I grew up in a trailer park Cheyenne Wyoming and my Mom’s taste in music leaned to the 70’ country side of things.  I heard tons of Willie, Waylon, Johnny Paycheck, Joe South, Jerry Jeff Walker, Johnny Horton, Hank Williams, basically all the greats.  On the other hand I know that she like the Beatles as much as she liked Willie Nelson.

I spent the 80’s and 90’s listening to all variety of music that wasn’t remotely country sounding.  Hair metal, thrash metal, doom, industrial, 90’s alternative, hardcore, indie rock stuff.  It took the Supersuckers releasing a country album, and seeing Denver’s own Slim Cessna to perk my ear up to anything that sounded remotely twangy again.

As I was sticking my toe back in to those musical waters I discovered Drag The River.  I saw then open for two different shows with in a week of each other and I was hooked.  If I recall correctly they were on the bill with Slim Cessna one night and BR549 the other.  That was it.  I bought what was their only release at the time Hobo Demos and was hooked.  Closed came out not too long after that and I’ve never looked back.
I've been a big fan ever since.  I only regret that I didn't catch on sooner.

My discovery of Drag The River also coincided with the start of my hobby of recording audio of live shows.  I started kind of primitively with some lower end recording devices and microphones that I clipped to my glasses.  It wasn’t until a few years later that I discovered that DTR didn’t mind being recorded and I stepped up the production values with better microphones and recording techniques.

Back in the early 00’s I saw Drag The River so many times that I would only recorded every other show.  Still I managed to amass a pretty big archive of live recordings.  I would estimate that I have 30 or 40 recordings of the band.  That includes various incarnations of the band, Jon and Chad sets, shows where Chad plays bass, solo shows from both Jon and Chad.

This is a set of recordings from 2001 to 2004 mostly with a couple slightly newer ones thrown in too.  Most of these recordings are mine but some where done by other people.  I know one of the Fox shows was recorded by Jimmy Nomad.  They other credits escape me.  Thanks to the other tapers that contributed though. 

Tracks were picked based on various criteria.  Some are songs that they just never play any more.  Some are just takes of songs that I particularly loved.  I was trying to come up with a summation of these when I was listening through the other night and ended up with a pretty free form description.

Soundboards, room mics, combinations of the two. 
Hot shows, drunken nights, guest shots & shout outs
1st time and maybe last times for some songs
Chatty dicks, drunk chicks & dudes
Flubbed lines, fun ad libs, and angry bartenders

I had originally combined these tracks for Jon Snodgrass to check out. Being that his perspective on these songs and shows is from a performers stand point he didn’t fall in love with all of these takes.  He hears and remembers things that I just don’t pick up on from a fan’s perspective.  But he gave me his blessing to go ahead and post it up for you all to check out.  He would like you to know that he still feels bad for dedicating their set at the Stardust Lounge in Downey California to the bartender.  He was just trying to be nice but it turned out that she really did hate live music and just got more infuriated.

Thanks to Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price for all the years of entertainment and for basically becoming the soundtrack to my existence for a good part of this century.  Thanks to all of the other people that have been in the band as well.  J.J. Nobody, Zach Boddicker, Dave Barker, Casey Prestwood, Paul Rucker, Karl Alvarez, and anyone else that I have forgotten to put on this list.

Check out their goings on here

And go buy some of their music here.

They are recording a new album at the moment and could use the funds.

So here is it warts and all.  A for the fans by the fans Drag The River compilation.  Hope you enjoy it. Dan Utter and I did a lot of work listening to all of these shows.  Picking out the takes that we found the most interesting and remastering the raw originals WAVs.  Here is what Dan himself has to say about it.
This was mastered in a house high on a mountain, a multi month labor of love.  All tracks were converted to 8 track stereo.  De-crackled, De-hummed, De-essed and de noised to the best level I could. And finally put back together warts and all. There are alot of years here and a few incarnations of the band.  A great band.  One that brought back my interest in music after being burned out from it in Seattle in the 90's.    Thanks buddies

Thanks to Victoria Woodworth for her iron stomach and the photo of the Waffle House dish.


Drag The River

Live Archive Vol.1
Scattered, Country, and Covered

01 Disbelieve
02 Lucky Joe's
03 Disclaimer
04 So Long Hoss
05 Oxes And Horses
06 Portland (Replacements)
07 Columbus Stockade Blues (Traditional)
08 Losing Letters
09 Seaminer
10 Back To God
11 Dirty Lips
12 Crocodile
13 A Shame
14 Next Time Not Around
15 Calloused Heart No.2
16 Medicine
17 Deminer
18 Modern Drunkard
19 Beautiful And Damned
20 Life Of Ruin
21 Ride Me Down Easy (Billy Joe Shaver)
22 Can't Hardly Wait (Replacements)
23 Down The Road (Steve Earle)
24 Johnny Come Lately (Steve Earle)
25 Rocking On The Country Side Of Town (Howard Eisberg)

Track Source
01 - The Stardust Lounge, Downey, CA 5-8-2002
02 - The Gothic Theater, Englewood, CO 11-07-2002
03,21 - 15th Street Tavern, Denver, CO 3-22-2002
04,20 - Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO 3-14-2003
05 - Hi Dive, Denver, CO 6-12-2007
06,07,13,17,19 - Benders Tavern, Denver, CO 10-1-2005
08,22,23 - Fox Theater, Boulder, CO 9-19-2003
09 - Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO 6-9-2006
10 - The Aggie, Ft Collins, CO 11-08-2002
11 - Fox Theater, Boulder, CO 3-11-2004
12 - Lion's Lair, Denver, CO 2-25-2005
14 - Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO 1-17-2001
15,16,24 - Fox Theater, Boulder, CO 1-29-2002
18 - Alley Katz, Richmond, VA 11-15-2006
25 - Starlight, Ft Collins, CO 2-20-2003


  1. I'm really enjoying this. Thanks for putting it together and posting it.

  2. You've put together an incredible collection of songs here. Drag are such a phenomenal band - I've seen them more times than I can even remember. When I moved to Colorado Springs in 2007, I started booking at JJ's bar, and quickly became friends with JJ, Jon, and Chad - they're truly 3 of the nicest dudes I know. Anyways, thanks for this collection and for your blog in general. You post tons of great live sets, and I've downloaded more than my fair share. Keep up the good work.