Sunday, October 28, 2012

Faith No More @ The Gothic, 1993-02-06

What a hell of a show this was.  Kyuss touring behind Blues For The Red Sun.  Babes in Toyland had released Fontanelle not long before this and the might Faith No More has just released Angel Dust.

This isn't my recording so hats off to the original taper who ever that may be.  This is a pretty great sounding soundboard tape.  Good stuff.

Faith No More

Gothic Theater
Englewood, CO

Taper: unknown
Source: Soundboard > DAT (M)
Transfer: DAT(M) > DAT(1) > CDR(2) > WAV > FLAC > Audacity > wav > Wave Pad > FLAC8

01 Intro
02 Caffeine
03 Death March
04 Land Of Sunshine
05 The Crab Song
06 Midlife Crisis
07 Chinese Arithmetic
08 RV
09 Surprise! You're Dead!
10 Be Aggressive
11 Introduce Yourself
12 Easy
13 Crack Hitler
14 We Care A Lot
15 Woodpecker From Mars
16 Jizzlobber
17 Epic/Free Your Mind
18 Everything's Ruined
19 Sweet Dreams
20 Edge Of The World
21 Let's Lynch The Landlord
22 As The Worm Turns

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